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The Richard Family made the cover of the Louisiana Dental Association's magazine!! Drs. Gizelle & Gabrielle Richard completed 3 days of continuing education in Park City, Utah over Mardi Gras! Paul, Jean-Paul, and Mignon came along for the fun! It was a fantastic trip! 


Doctors in the news

Dr. Gizelle Richard is back from last week's trip to Denver, CO for the American Dental Association's annual national meeting. What a wealth of information! The ADA meeting was filled with many continuing education courses, trending topics in equipment technology, new techniques in new treatments and sciences, and camaraderie among my professional peers and friends. What a rich experience to bring back and share with our team members and patients!

Mission of Mercy and Louisiana Dental Association provide free dental care

Dr. Gizelle Richard, 2016 Local Chairman of Louisiana Mission of Mercy, tells WWL TV about the Louisiana Dental Association’s Foundation, Mission of Mercy, and what it provides to our community.

This September weekend was a weekend for giving back. Dr. Gizelle Richard, Dr. Gabrielle Richard, and Molly Glennon, RDH, our hygienist, delivered free dental care to those in need at the Louisiana Mission of Mercy made possible by the Louisiana Dental Association.

 Preliminary numbers for the LDA Foundation's LaMOM show 1,534 patient visits and $1,067,760.35 worth of free dental care provided over a two day period. What an incredible experience!! The gift of a pretty smile is immeasurable.




Dr. Gizelle Richard and Dr. Gabrielle Richard 

Mother-Daughter Team

 Members of the Louisiana Dental Association

We are so excited about what is happening in our practice! Dr. Gabrielle Richard has finally joined our team, and she is now a member of the Louisiana Dental Association. Dr. Gabrielle Richard joins her mother alongside a prestigious group of professional peers. The LDA is an outlet providing continuing education courses for its members, functions as a container for brainstorming clinical trends and practice building ideas, and serves as a platform for upholding ethical and judicial practices within a dental practice. Now that she is a member, Dr. Gabrielle Richard has these resources at her fingertips. Yes, professional life is rich within the LDA!

 And don't we love seeing our New Orleans mother-daughter dentist team among those on the cover of the LDA Journal?  Attending Dentists' Day at the Legislature was, and always is, a wonderful experience advocating for our profession!


drRichard2016Dr. Gizelle Richard in the News 

The Top Dentists Of Greater New Orleans

by Judi Russell

Restoring Smiles From Collapsed Bites

•28 years practicing as a dentist
•B.S. from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
•D.D.S. from LSU Dental School in 1985
•Native of New Orleans

Fear of dental visits can cause people to allow their teeth to suffer terrible decay. When fear and neglect continue too long, a person is left with a collapsed bite. Dr. Gizelle Poché Richard, a native of Algiers who has practiced general dentistry since 1985, says the most rewarding aspect of her job is helping these people achieve a beautiful, functional smile. These cases are a challenge, she says, because many times the decay has rendered every tooth unsalvageable. But the results of her care are immeasurable; sometimes patients even cry when they see the smile they thought they’d never have. The process is quicker than ever, Richard says. First, all the teeth are extracted by an oral surgeon, with the patient under anesthesia. That same day, implants are placed in the gum and a prosthesis (made ahead of time by a team of dental lab technicians) is firmly attached to the implants. Bite adjustments are made, and the patient leaves that same day with an excellent bite.

After the gums heal for three or four months, the prosthesis is taken off and a final prosthesis is attached. This prosthesis has a metal substructure. It never has to be removed for cleaning or flossing.

“The patient never goes without teeth,” Richard says. In days past, patients had to wait six to eight weeks after extraction before dentures could be made.

New-Orleans-Magazine-June-2013-coverThe procedure can be performed on the upper, the lower or both arches of the mouth, and people of all ages are suitable. Richard says she has a 90-year-old patient who will soon undergo the procedure. Not only will she be able to chew her food better, she won’t have to bother with denture paste, soaking, etc. “The world of implant dentistry is fabulous,” Richard says.

Implants can be used when just one tooth is missing, she says. But when an entire mouth is restored, the impact is major.

Richard became interested in dentistry through a cousin who practiced in Gretna. “I always loved going to the dentist,” she says. She chose to practice general dentistry because she likes dealing with a variety of patients.

“Restoring mouths to health is a new challenge every day,” she says.

After dental school, Richard practiced in Village Aurora before building her own dental office nearby in 2000. The building was designed to be warm and inviting, she says, so patients won’t feel the fear of dentistry so prevalent in the past.

The building sustained very little damage during Hurricane Katrina; Richard says she was back in operation in just three weeks. And she’s looking to expand her practice: her daughter is completing her freshman year at Louisiana State University Dental School and will join the practice when she graduates.